5 B2B Lead Generation Mistakes

The most well-intentioned efforts can backfire and halt your lead generation strategy. Since a steady flow of high quality sales is critical to your organization’s health and success, it’s vital to avoid common lead generation mistakes that can turn away potential customers. Are you making any of these errors?


  1. Failure to understand your audience. This broad topic impacts the majority of businesses. From flawed customer personas to a skewed perception of the market, there are many factors making it difficult to define the perfect target audience, especially without sales intelligence. Since the average individual sees over 247 commercial messages in a single day, it’s vital for your message to cut through the clutter. Unless you understand your specific audience, then it’s impossible to create a message that truly resonates with prospective clients.
  2. Poor data. The ability to analyze and respond to campaign data is paramount to the success of any marketing strategy. Whether telemarketing or digital marketing ROI, it’s important to continuously monitor your efforts and measure how audiences are reacting. As marketing budgets are squeezed as a result of today’s struggling economy, it’s critical to measure, analyze, and tweak your marketing strategy.
  3. Too much automation. Sales automation and CRM tools are powerful solutions to boost lead generation success. Like anything else, however, too much of a good thing can hurt your business. The top lead generation strategies all focus on human-to-human interaction, which prioritizes the consumer experience. Remember, automation and CRM tools can only go so far; they should be used to enhance your efforts, not replace them. Sales metrics and reports are only helpful if sales representatives and key players utilize the data in their interactions.
  4. No follow-ups. According to a research study by the BPM Forum, businesses either drop or fail to follow-up with over 80 percent of leads. Even with pro-actively generated leads, businesses struggle with the basic task of following-up with prospective clients. Are you letting leads slip through the cracks?
  5. A one-sized-fits-all approach. In today’s digital age, personalization and customization have never been more important, especially when it comes to marketing messages. Many brands fail to resonate with B2B prospects because of a broad, untargeted message.