Rapid Sales Insights

This is the first step in moving our clients into faster and more profitable growth. Here we focus on rapidly gaining a deeper quantitative and qualitative understanding of your company, identifying the key processes, people, resources, technology, priorities and activities necessary for optimal growth, while making observations and recommendations to improve overall top-line performance immediately.

Most Valued Outcomes


We provide you with a detailed assessment of your Company’s marketplace, competitors, customers and its overall ability to accelerate sales and dominate market share growth in your Company’s respective markets.

Best Practices

Leveraging the OverDrive library of IP, we evaluate the current methods, best practices, processes, tools, resources and sales management for the development of a highly effective sales engine and predictable, sustainable revenue growth.


Based on our observations and recommendations, we develop scorecards that will assist us in our collaboration with you to make decisions that will have immediate, medium-term and long-term impact on top-line growth.



High-Level and Primary Industry, Market, Customer and Competitor research.


Evaluate the Company against 10 Core Revenue Drivers and 30+ related Sales Accelerators with the use of Surveys taken with Key Executive Stakeholders.


On-Site, Off-Site Interviews and Collaboration with Key Executive Stakeholders and the highest-performing individual Contributors.


Top-Line Scorecard

Quantitative scoring and observations related to 10 Core Revenue Drivers.

Top-Line SWOT Scorecard

Identification and observations related to 30+ Sales Accelerators.

Marketplace Scorecard

Key observations related to industry, competitors, prospects and customers.

Start with a Top Line Revenue Assessment