Complete Outsourced Customer Support Services for Your Business

Sales Overdrive is your comprehensive provider for world-class customer service.

As one of the longest operating companies, we are committed to helping your business solidify its reputation for providing unmatched customer support. At Sales Overdrive, we know that the customer experience matters – that is why we train our customer service representatives to provide high-quality customer care for businesses of all industries and sizes.

When you partner with Sales Overdrive, you will see immediate results. Customer service outsourcing is more efficient, takes work off your plate, and decreases your operating costs. An in-house team requires benefits, payroll, and other expenses that can take a toll on your bottom line. By outsourcing your customer service, you can provide the same great customer care, without the hassles of having full-time employees. Let our representatives take on providing the best customer service possible, so you can focus on growing your business.

At Sales Overdrive, we’re more than just a call center. We provide scalable, comprehensive customer service solutions for all types of businesses. Our support team delivers everything from technical support to inbound calls, chat, and more. If you are looking for ways to cut your overhead costs without sacrificing customer satisfaction, we are the answer you’re looking for. Enjoy all the benefits of working with outsourcing companies – like increased convenience and efficiency – while still providing your customers with the high-quality experience they have come to expect from working with your company. The professionals at Sales Overdrive are trained in best practices for customer care engagement and satisfaction, dispute and issue resolution, managing back office process, and more.

What We Do

Sales Overdrive takes over some of the most time-consuming aspects of running your business, so you can focus on creating new products, services, and processes that your customers will love.

inbound support services

Inbound Support

Sales Overdrive provides comprehensive inbound support that focuses on high-quality service leading to customer retention. Support includes new customer intake, tech support, chat support, inbound call center services, problem identification and resolution, and more. When your business requires a support team, we step in and provide a positive customer experience. Our customer service agents can handle FAQs, customer interaction, online and phone support, and any other medium that will help you better assist your target audience.

customer support services

Customer Greeting Calls

Your customer greeting call is an integral part of the success of your call center. It’s also a smart thing to add to your list of outsourcing services. As the first thing your customers hear when they call the contact center, greeting calls set the tone for the interaction and correlate directly with customer satisfaction. A high quality customer greeting call can make the difference between average customer service and going above and beyond for your target audience. Outsourcing customer service with Sales Overdrive makes you stand out from the competition, as we customize greeting calls for your industry, preferences, and more.

feedback acquisition

Feedback Acquisition

Eliciting customer feedback is an important part of your revenue cycle. By choosing support outsourcing, you can expand your own knowledge base and learn more about what makes your customers tick. Use feedback acquisition to gather information about your customer base. From surveys to phone calls, our support team can help you make informed business decisions that lead to growth. Business owners can use feedback acquisition to gather intelligence about the target audience, pilot new products and services, and identify areas of business improvement.

sales and management services

Account Sales and Management

Our customer service team can manage all aspects of your client accounts, from sales to post-conversion management. From helping new customers to maintaining positive client relationships with existing ones, outsourcing your account sales and management can be both cost-effective and convenient. We take some of the most time-consuming aspects of running a small business off your plate so you can focus on delivering innovative products and services. Our customer service agents make sure all information is up-to-date and use tried-and-true methods of client retention, so your customer base is always involved and satisfied with your business.

Our Capabilities:

Support Requests

Did you know that email support is still one of the most popular methods of issue resolution? As younger generations like Millennials and Gen Z command more of the market share, they demand more from their ecommerce and web-based support. We help streamline your customer service processes by creating and managing helpdesk tickets, so your customers get what they need quickly. The support team at Sales Overdrive is committed to providing industry-recognized customer service, so your clients will associate your brand with convenience and quality. Consider us your virtual help-desk.

Customer Support and Retention

Sales Overdrive offers comprehensive customer support and retention services, from prospect identification and qualification, conversation mapping, and appointment setting. With 22 years of experience, we also have developed proven strategies for customer retention and conversion. We use your existing documentation to create an onboarding guide, so your customers enjoy a seamless customer support experience. With Sales Overdrive, your customer support solutions are completely scalable and tailored to your business needs.

Chat Sales Operators

When it comes to e-support, response times are everything. The Sales Overdrive customer support team delivers instantaneous responses to customer queries and supports ecommerce sales. When you integrate chat support and sales into your website or application, you can enjoy a higher adoption rate and superior customer satisfaction. Sales Overdrive team members provide on-demand service that is completely scaled to your business needs. We’re committed to your business success, and we have the experience to prove it.

Back Office Admin

Your back office processes are crucial to your company success. Companies that outsource their back office processes can enjoy greater business efficiency and cost savings. Our team members are highly trained and provide a high level of quality, saving you money compared to a full-time, in-house team. We design and execute back office services based on your unique business model. From creating an onboarding process for new users and clients to supporting client retention, our back office processes are industry-recognized and deliver results.

Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can help streamline your business efficiency and lead to direct improvements for your bottom line. We’re more than just a support team; we’re an integral part of your business revenue cycle. Our team of experts can handle specialized business processes across departments, from technical support to client services, leading to higher-quality services for your customers. We hire the best talent available and charge them with delivering superior process delivery, so you can focus on helping your business grow. Outsourcing customer support can be a boost to your business – but only if you hire the right team.

Data Cleaning and Entry

Your marketing channels – from social media to Google – produce a lot of data. To make intelligent use of user data, your company must have a plan for organizing, entry, and cleaning – which often doesn’t take priority with so much else on your plate. Our service providers take over organizing all your company information, so you can use it to make informed business decisions. Sales Overdrive makes it possible to stand out from the crowd and maintain your competitive edge.

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