Performance Management

Our focus is on optimizing the sales performance of the individual contributors, teams and organization, especially as it pertains to evangelizing the delivery of measurable strategic value to the Company’s Customers.

Most Valued Outcomes


Increased sales while improving the ability of the sales team to increase profitable revenue production and exhibit those sales behaviors that are predictive of individual and overall Company revenue performance.


Ensure that Pipeline velocity is high by facilitating initial and periodic pipeline and key account reviews while managing sales performance to Company goals.


Provide ongoing metric-based assessment and augmentation of the sales team through improved analytics, sourcing, assessment and recruiting techniques, as well as effective mentoring.


Measure and manage the ongoing assessment and augmentation of the sales team through improved analytics, sourcing, assessment and recruiting techniques.


Install Resource Allocation Methodology, top down as well as pursuit-based revenue planning and accountability based on benchmarks and KPIs by pursuit and individual sales contributor and managers.



Assess current managers and team members and assist Company to attract, recruit, train and deploy additional team members to optimize sales talent.


Craft and install a set of active performance management practices and the associated metrics to jump start revenue, shorten the sales cycle, prioritize strategic wins, increase productivity, and reduce selling expense. The focus here is on high-impact activities and ensuring that the behaviors and key performance indicators are being met to ensure that Company and individual revenue goals are realized.

Training and Coaching

Ongoing training, coaching, and mentoring will be essential as the sales team adopts and exercises the OverDrive Sales Process. OverDrive will assist the management team and individuals in this capacity. This will take the form of instructional training and the exercise of real-time opportunities in one-to-many, one-to-few or one-to-one settings.

Accountability and Reporting

We will install management reporting for continuous monitoring of performance to ensure that each team member is performing at optimal levels.


Sales Process Playbook

To arm your leadership Team and each Sales Executive quickly with the fundamentals of your OverDrive Sales Process, we create a Process Playbook which is a reference guide on what to do in each phase if the process along with what tools to use and working examples. The Playbook will help everyone in the organization understand their roles and responsibilities, accelerate sales, advance their personal growth objectives and those of the Company.

Sales Toolkit

In addition to the Playbook, selling tools will be created specifically for your Company and selling environment.


OverDrive will assist you in consistently identifying and hiring those individuals most likely to succeed through the development of an OverDrive Recruitment Process. This will include an assessment of the key attributes, skills, personality profiles and other characteristics of successful candidates for the purposes of assessing the current management and staff, as well as screening new hires.

Performance Plans

OverDrive will assist you with the installation of individualized Performance Plans with clear roles and responsibilities, accountability, performance criteria and predictable workflows centered on the OverDrive Customer Value Process.


OverDrive can help you bring new staff to full competency by creating an onboarding process for Sales, Marketing and Account Management that quickly equips new hires to begin performing in their respective roles within the first 30 days following their hire date.


OverDrive will provide you and your Sales and Marketing leadership with ongoing coaching and mentoring to assure that everyone is performing at optimal levels and performing those activities affecting revenue growth, profitability and Customer Value Delivery.


OverDrive will assist in the development of Key Performance Metrics around Sales Process Execution and Revenue Growth Predictability. Dashboards will be built to track these metrics so that team performance can be monitored and coaching and mentoring applied where required.

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