Sales Process

We focus on developing and implementing the optimal sales engine for your Company – the right human capital, a proven and Strategic OverDrive Sales Process with the supporting tools and all the other resources necessary to achieve your Company’s growth goals. Most sales processes are “pain by number”. The OverDrive Sales Process we tailor for you will be built around the measurable Strategic Value and Impact that you deliver to your Customers and provide you with a very real and Sustainable Competitive Advantage with Reliable Predictability.

Most Valued Outcomes

Customer Value Calculator

We will help you build and install OverDrive Methods and Tools that focus on the measurable strategic impact your offering can have on your prospects. This may include the development of a specific OverDrive Value Calculator as well as the best practices and tools for understanding and analyzing your prospects’ businesses and key agendas. Based on this knowledge, we can measure and communicate the impact your offering makes on your prospect’s operations, financial health, perceived value, branding and customer relationships. This unique OverDrive approach, Methods and IP will create a Sustainable Competitive Advantage and high customer loyalty.

Executive Conversation Guide

Develop The Conversation Maps – The positioning, value propositions, key sales conversations and value points needed to ensure improved performance and accuracy in each phase of the OverDrive Customer Value Process (CVP) we install, particularly customer-facing scenarios with stakeholders with every influencer and decision maker role.

Common Selling Language

Install an OverDrive Unified Sales Language and Customer Value Sales Process (CVP). Ensure that the sales team and key stakeholders understand the sales process steps, the business value impact of the process and their role in delivering customer value. Affect behavioral change and competitive sustainability by ensuring that all Company staff use and evangelize the OverDrive CVP sales process, internalizing and fully embracing the new selling paradigm with confidence.



On-Site and Off-Site Interviews with Key Executive Stakeholders and Key Individual Contributors.

Role Play

Face to Face and Virtual Sales Presentations and Real-World Role Playing with Key Executive Stakeholders and Key Individual Contributors.

Team Assessments

Individual Top-line Contributor Performance Evaluations and Skills Assessments.

Pipeline Audit

Key Prospects, Opportunities and Pipeline Audit.

CRM Audit

Sales Customer Relationship Management Assessment and Evaluation.


Sales Playbook

OverDrive Customer Value Process Narrative, Playbook and Customer-Facing Decks.

Value Calculator

Customer Value Calculator used to gain commitment and PACT.

Conversation Map

Conversation Maps that align Value Promises to Key Target Stakeholders.

Performance Plans

Individual Contributor Scorecards with Key Observations and Recommendations.

Growth Roadmap

Key Priorities, Milestones, Incremental Budget and Timelines.

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