“I just didn’t have time to get all of the operational and software updates we needed to get done and run sales at the same time. I took a look at Sales OverDrive at first to offload some of these sales tasks but decided we’d be better off outsourcing the entire sales function to them.

Sales OverDrive did a great job for us and within a year we were penetrating new accounts and closing work much faster than I had thought possible. I would recommend Sales OverDrive to anyone in need of sales assistance.”

– David Perdue, Former CEO, Tapped-Into, Inc.


This Telco-owned company attempted to sell its streamed media services unsuccessfully for three years. Though their technology was superior, they were positioned as an also-ran in an overcrowded space. Pricing pressure, very small ticket sales and the lack of large account wins characterized the sales effort.

Approach and Analysis

The OverDrive team collaborated with the CEO and crafted a new sales strategy and go-to-market sales process. Attracting Inside Sales Professionals was the key to capitalizing on this huge, but fleeting opportunity – Outsourcing appointment setting and sales in general seemed to make sense. Acquiring large account wins was essential to grow revenue fast.

Action Taken

In less than 30 days, the Sales OverDrive team developed and installed a highly differentiating strategy and OverDrive Sales Process. We recruited a highly qualified team of Key Account Managers and Inside Sales Professionals. We then implemented a sales management plan and Overdrive Sales Process for all sales personnel and rapidly trained and deployed them and began winning against the competition over 90% of the time.


Within four months, annual revenue numbers exceeded goal by 425%. A best-in-class team of Sales OverDrive Sales Professionals were delivered, trained and on the street in under 45 days. The Inside team was fully productive in 30 days.

Careful prospect qualification and opportunity identification from the Inside Team was the key to a 50 fold increase in major account wins.