Sales Overdrive Sales Outsourcing services include everything from consulting to virtual agent management. You can view more of our services under the capabilities drop down at the top left of the menu bar.

Sales Outsourcing for Canadian Companies

The majority of our virtual agents are located in the Philippines where excellent English skills can be found, but we also have people across the United States and in Canada from Toronto to Vancouver as well. We’ll select individuals from our pool of talented virtual staff based on you needs and and project goals. From sales outsourcing services and the development and coaching of sales processes and techniques, Sales Overdrive is a full-spectrum sales outsourcing firm. We’ve worked in thousands of client environments over the past two decades and we know how to ensure that all the cogs of a sales machine operate optimally.

We Work on Your Hours

Our corporate headquarters are here in the western hemisphere, and we have managers working wherever your agents are located. Overseas workers that serve the Canadian market work at night so that they are of course making calls during the daytime here.

Sales Consulting, Coaching and Outsourcing in Canada

Unless your in-house sales team dominates those of your competitors it’s time to consider a solution. Without effective sales, you could be missing out on significant revenue by not closing deals and big savings by not using the most efficient processes and manpower available. Why not let you company focus on its core business expertise and leave the selling to us.

Sales Coaching for Canadian Sales Teams

Overdrive sales coaching strategies have been tried and perfected in thousands upon thousands of scenarios. Our training and coaching process has an incredibly positive track record and our methods have that “sticking” power to really sink and become integrated into your sales team. We work with you and teach you how to capture new customers and grow revenue and market share super fast. Our sales leaders work with your team from the lead players to the new recruits, teaching the values of a sales culture and optimizing the strengths of your revenue engine while coaching and mentoring your sales team to improve performance and new customer acquisition.