sales-diagnosticFor fifteen years Sales Overdrive has been providing clients and investors with expert analysis and execution planning for their sales and marketing functions. This sales service consulting work draws from Overdrive’s innovative library of intellectual property and best practice and includes diagnostics, financial modeling, project planning, empirically-based sales solutions, and go-forward execution plans.

Sales Overdrive’s Rapid Diagnostic service has proven to have a very high impact on our clients’ ability to focus resources, technology and behaviors in ways that create more predictable, sustainable revenue growth.  This fast, unobtrusive service ordinarily renders a ten to 100 times return on investment in the first year.

Overdrive Rapid Diagnostics is available at three levels:


Free Sales Questionnaire

First, we invite you to take the free, two minute minute, Sales Questionnaire. This very simple questionnaire provides us with a quick snapshot of your sales engine and the areas that are most troubling for you. Once you fill this out you will have a much better idea as to where to focus your attention and what help you may need.

In-Depth Self-Diagnostic

This is another online questionnaire you complete yourself. The difference is that this questionnaire requires up to 30 minutes to complete and will provide us with enough information to give you  a very good current state diagnostic and recommendations around all ten of the key sales imperatives. This is an extremely helpful and valuable tool with a very small cost. The analysis and recommendations will be emailed to you within a few hours of completing the questionnaire.

Rapid Diagnostic

This is a live, interactive initiative that involves one to two days on-site at your headquarters and a few days to a week of offline analytical work. In this very high-speed and unobtrusive engagement, Overdrive executives  begin to fix and marketing sales problems starting in the very first conversation. It  is rooted in our ten imperatives with a concentration on those areas representing the greatest areas of opportunity and the worst roadblocks to revenue growth. We take an in depth look at each of these areas, performing very fast on and off-site analysis simultaneously.

What is unique about working with Sales Overdrive is that we don’t write white papers and give you suggestions and send you on your way with our blessings like other firms do – At Sales Overdrive we begin implementing improvements immediately while the diagnostic is being performed.  We collaborate with you on exactly the steps needed and take action on the most pressing problems and opportunities at that time. For example, in many cases we begin validating a client’s pipeline and closing deals, optimize the sales process and working with the sales  and marketing team to jump revenues, often augmenting it with our own senior staff as needed.

Overdrive is routinely asked to build out a faster, more effective sales process and tools, as well as a detailed execution plan. We often assist in implementation and stay plugged in on a monthly basis to provide ongoing support and to make sure that your objectives are being achieved.  In many cases we perform all of the implementation ourselves.

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