sales-strategyAccelerating Sales Profitability through Strategic Marketing

A great Sales and Marketing strategy is critical to any company’s success. Strategy provides the roadmap to success, providing unmistakable metrics to track your company’s performance in obtaining market share, outpacing the competition and increasing revenues. Most organizations find it difficult to manage sustainable revenue growth.

Many companies have relied on us to identify, build and execute winning growth strategies that are consistent with management’s strategic vision and enable them to capture new top line revenue and to grow market share rapidly.

With your input, we’ll design a strategic direction for your sales effort that unites industry-proven talent and processes with company-specific sales accelerators. The result? Faster sales growth than you may have thought possible!

Services we provide that are essential for an effective sales strategy include:

Targeting the Best Markets and Prospects

We’ll discover your potential markets and analyze the competitive landscape. We’ll target the most promising industries and sectors, focusing on the alignment between the most compelling needs of the best prospects and the value your products and services deliver.

Positioning and Value Messaging

Sales Overdrive will then develop and enhance the way your company positions itself in the marketplace. The messages developed will address your target market decision makers’ most important priorities.


We’ll determine the most potent, resource-efficient options for delivering your organization’s message to the market. We’ll explore whether using sales, business development, marketing, public relations efforts or other channels best serves your strategic objectives.


We’ll determine a pricing structure that brings you the best margins possible and accelerates your ability to generate revenue. In over half of our client engagements we’ve been able to significantly improve margins.

A cohesive, specific and targeted sales strategy is the crucial roadmap for success. Call Sales Overdrive today to see the competitive advantage we can create for your company.

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