Virtual Staffing Solutions

We recruit and hire only the very best people – those top performers that are most ideally suited to help you meet and exceed your objectives. We are devoted to excellence and have earned our leadership position in the industry by doing things right. So if there is ever a problem, we will remedy it immediately.

With your input and involvement, we recruit your Specialist to perform exceptionally in the areas most important to you. Our virtual staffing process involves:

Assessment and Virtual Recruiting

The Overdrive assessment and compensation methodologies are tailored to each client’s needs. We’ve designed our recruitment methods and assessment tools to identify and retain those individuals who will perform the best in your environment. Our team is focused on gaining competitive market intelligence for your business to help get your team up and running faster.

Coaching and Mentoring

Once we recruit the right Specialists, we train and coach them to get up and running within days. We’ll proactively manage, coach and mentor them using the sales-force automation and other sales tracking and reporting tools. These technologies and tools ensure that sales team members are continuously focused on the right activities at the right time with the right dialogue and the right message, making sure your goals will be met.

Top Talent

We excel at finding the top talent and recruit only the top 1% . Our Specialists are college educated, speak excellent English, and pass through a stringent screening process before ever meeting our clients. Our Specialists work in a broad variety of support roles including but not limited to: Sourcing and Recruiting, Sales and Sales Support, Lead Generation and Appointment Setting, Customer Service, Research and Data Management, Programming, Website Optimization (SEO), Social Media, Internet Marketing, and a host of other fields.

American Company

We’re an American company with operations and American-born management in the US, Europe, the Philippines and Mexico. We have an enormous competitive advantage over others utilizing the stereotypical call center model. Unlike the rest, we understand the needs and expectations of American and other western businesses, and we take great care of our clients. Our people are all highly experienced Specialists with experience in the areas most important to you.

Our people don’t work in noisy, confining environments which limit personal productivity. Our Specialists work in safe, quiet and nurturing environments and are much happier and more productive as a result. Thus, we’re able to recruit the top performers in every specialty.


Other Virtual Support Services:

  • Administrative & Virtual Assistant Services
  • Marketing
  • SEO and Web Optimization
  • Sales, Sales Support & Lead Generation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • HR and Interim Recruiting
  • Technical
  • Logistics
  • Legal Assistants

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Finding and recruiting the right virtual assistant or virtual sales support specialist can be a daunting task. We have years of experience finding the best of the best, and we do so at incredibly low costs. Call Sales Overdrive today to discuss low cost virtual sales support solutions.

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