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Top Ten Sales Tips

Let’s face it, sometimes companies perform at less than optimal levels. Particularly for small to medium organizations, whether you are the CEO, company leader, consultant, or sales and marketing team member, you likely see areas and opportunities for growth. Most CEOs today have a good idea as to what’s not working, but selecting the best …

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Sales Quotes

Motivation is a key success factor for sales, so we’ve compiled this list of great sales quotes below. Feel free to bookmark this post as well so that next time you need a break or a bit of motivation, you can reference these sales quotes again. Great Sales Quotes: Confidence and enthusiasm are the greatest …

Key Sales Accelerators To Ignite Sales Growth

If your company is focused on business-to-business (B2B) sales of products or services, then making sure your sales force is effectively delivering new top line sales is likely your principal focus.  B2B sales is considerably more complex and difficult than consumer sales of course, requiring higher levels of competency in sales and marketing overall. In …

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The Philippines As a Call Center Destination

While this is a lengthy topic, let me suggest that as client, or client consultant, make sure that your agents are dedicated to your company full time and that you make every effort to make them part of your team. If you encounter resistance or new voices unexpectedly, it may just be time to move your campaign to another firm.