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SEO Sales Leads & Lead Generation

Lead generation doesn’t have to be limited to calling and email campaigns. The holy trinity of sales leads has a third component that is fundamentally different from the other two.

That component is inbound leads from the web. People make search queries with commercial intent all the time, and in all likelihood they’re searching for what you sell too.

Cold calling and email blasts are a form of push sales and marketing. You plan an efficient and well-targeted campaign, but these strategies will always require a wide net.

With website optimization, you are promoting your business at a point when people are already involved in the buying process – they’re already looking for what you sell. All you need to do is come up first. Ninety-two percent of searches never go past the first page of results and 75% never go past the first few results. For SEO to work effectively, your site has to be at the top.

To Get Leads From SEO, It Pays to be At the Top

By first, I mean in the top few results of Google for your high-volume keywords. People trust Google, and they are a multibillion dollar Internet company that continues to stand the test of time for good reason. Seventy-five percent of all searches are through Google, with Bing, Yahoo and others picking up the scraps. And really, the other search engines copy Google as much as they possibly can, so focusing on Google search is future-proof.

PPC or Natural Search?

Now where do we need to focus within Google? Pay-per-click (the ads at the top and in the sidebar) is how Google makes its money, but it’s not the best use of your money. Once you stop paying, you drop off the page.

Natural search (or organic search) is more efficient in the long run, and natural results are those most trusted by users. Also, as you build a natural search campaign, you are moving something with a lot of mass. That means it will keep rolling along even if you stop funding it.

Advantage to Using SEO for Lead Gen

The biggest problem with SEO for most executives is that they’ve tried it in the past with minimal to no results. Partially that’s because without transparent reporting it takes a while to know you’ve been ripped off. Many (probably most) SEO companies don’t know what they’re doing. This is a grey art after all, and it’s changing all the time. The good news here is that your competition is in the same boat and they likely haven’t put the resources into finding a reliable SEO company or effectively funding SEO promotion efforts.

We have been using SEO for our own firm for nearly a year now and the results have been fantastic. It took a few months to get ramped up, but in all likelihood, it’s how you found us. And we’re glad to share our methods with you (as long as you’re not the competition).

This SEO game is still relatively young and there a plenty of niches left to dominate. Ten years from now, the layout will be as different as it was a decade ago.

Search for Keywords, Check the Market

As a parting note, you can try some search engine optimization strategy yourself. There’s a great tool that Google offers through their AdWords program that allows you to find the search volume (number of searches per month) for given keywords, or keyword phrases. It also offers a very gross estimate of the level of competition for any keyword, and related keyword with search volume. You can use find it by searching for “Google Keyword Tool”. Keep in mind that people generally use as few keywords as possible when they search, and they don’t always use the keywords you might use.

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