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Inside Sales and Marketing Support

sales-and-marketingA major challenge to the overall effectiveness of any sales force is maintaining a good mix of prospecting with face-to-face sales activities with target clients. We believe that lead generation is one of the most powerful competitive weapons available today.  Unfortunately, it is generally underutilized, and poorly performing vendors typify the industry.

Sales and Marketing Consulting

Accordingly, the firm has made substantial investments in human capital and technology in this area.  In 2007, Sales Overdrive greatly expanded these capabilities with operations in the Philippines, in Koln, Germany and Mexico in 2009.  In each location the firm has Overdrive management teams onsite supporting affable sales and customer service staff. Armed with the firm’s intellectual property and techniques, these professionals consistently outperform any other group we’ve measured.

To ensure superior performance, we couple our American, European and Mexican client service teams with our American and native Overdrive management teams. This tight, end to end management approach and the proven Overdrive Lead Generation Methodology™ ensure exemplary language transparency, high performance and great cost efficiently for our clients in almost any industry.

Sales Support

After target markets are identified, these professionals identify, qualify, and engage real buyers and influencers in productive sales dialogues that are often carried through to the closed sale.  In other cases we set up phone or face-to-face appointments with the best potential clients where qualified opportunities exist.  Overdrive’s Inside Sales Executives™ are university graduates, and in many cases they are nurses, engineers, technologists and other professionals with industry expertise specific to our client’s needs. They have an average of five years experience calling on decision makers, company owners and C-level executives.

A little sales consulting can go a long way. Call Sales Overdrive today to see the competitive advantage we can create for your company.